GameFEST 19

GameFEST 19

Nov 30 Simon Robinson  

GameFest 19 will bring you the social gaming experience to end all LAN parties. This will be gaming and then some!

Here is an idea of just some of the things that will be on offer:-

– 5 games chosen by YOU!
– Structured tournaments and planned roster to ensure maximum coverage
– Side-games
– On site amenities (e.g. clean toilets, sleeping quarters, kitchen facilities and more)
– Take your own food and alcohol (also available for purchase on site)
– Additional entertainment (including retro arcade machines and pool table)
– High speed LAN
– <10mb ADSL internet connection
– Our own private PA system with connected to a digital Juke Box
– Projector screen displaying leader boards and in game spectator view (where available)
– Access to web based LAN software to track tournament/player information and stats
– And more!

Tickets will soon be available on the Ecommerce site priced around the £15 mark for players and £7.50 for spectators (why not invite a mate for a cheap, fun night out!!).

This is a NOT FOR PROFIT setup, all money will either be used towards GameFest, this event, future events or ultimately charity.

If you need to buy games, we’ll be supplying packages soon via the Ecommerce site. For now, the Humble Bundle is one NOT TO BE MISSED! (Battlefield 3 and MORE for less than £4!

We’ll also be offering a booze package, you can choose to pay into a kitty and we will buy the booze in bulk. This will be available as an extra when you buy your tickets on the Ecommerce site.

What you’ll need to bring:-

– The games.
– Your PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers (headphones) and leads.
– Beer and food
– A glass
– A chair (ideally fold up)
– Air bed and sleeping bag
– Your tunes to upload to the digital Juke Box

This is only the start. Watch out for the Ecommerce site and forum – COMING SOON!!


More info on the event – HERE

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